CMASA achieves its education goals

In 2017 CMASA offered education and training to over 100 participants. These participants have included Board Directors, Club Managers, Finance staff, Golf Directors to Green Keeping Staff. This is a tremendous achievement which bodes well for the future sustainability and development of recreational clubs in South Africa.

These education programmes range from certified courses such as the Manager In Development Diploma – MID to the international accredited and acclaimed, Business Management Institute BMI courses, as well as regular workshops on topics relevant to the club industry.

More than 38 applicants are registered to complete the MID course. This Diploma is recognised worldwide and offers managers opportunities to hone their skills and emerge with heightened awareness to improve their jobs.

This year 17 managers from around the country, attended two of the BMI courses, making great headway in achieving their CCM certification - CLICK HERE

The first BMI course held at Houghton Golf Club, covered Leadership Principles and the second BMI covered Club Management practices. Participants explored current trends in the environment, looking at innovations and threats. Through completion of assessments and case studies, they were able to develop tangible strategies to implement in their Clubs.

CMASA was also instrumental in offering workshops covering Human Relations, Health and Safety, Revenue Analysis and GEO Environmental Sustainability workshops. A total of 493 participants took part in various workshops throughout the year.

With Clubs emerging as medium to large sized business, it is important to keep abreast of all the latest legal requirements necessary for best practice and good governance. The CMASA workshops are practical sessions, focussing on providing Clubs with action plans to implement in their own environments.

The work is far from over and CMASA has already set out more than 40 dates for training and education in 2018/2019. Be sure to take part in these worthwhile sessions and network with your peers.

CMASA Reflections
Chairman’s Report by Paul Leishman - as presented at our AGM

“Last year I commented on how tough that year had been and unfortunately for the Club Industry throughout the world this year got even tougher. Clubs in many parts of the country have had to work really hard to make ends meet and unfortunately the light at the end of the tunnel is not too bright yet.”

I look back on 2010 now and wish for those easier days. Am I being pessimistic or are times getting tougher. I sincerely hope that I am not becoming one of those jaded old men that have been a constant challenge in our clubs and society -always complaining. But times are tough in our country and we have to get better at what we do in order to be successful … and thankfully there are many clubs that are doing great work in ensuring our clubs are successful. The need to belong to an association like CMASA is even more important than it has ever been. The South African Coat of Arms used to read Ex Unitate Vires… From Unity Strength … this is so true and so fundamental to what we needed as an Association and Industry. I specifically say needed because it is the historical Coat of Arms. What the Club Industry needs now is to embrace our new Coat of Arms which I’m sure most of us are not even aware of …ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke. If you knew this I am seriously impressed but basically it means “Diverse People Unite”. By embracing our new coat of arms we are firstly accepting that there is change …something our clubs are notoriously poor at and secondly embracing diversity. If our clubs don’t start to reflect our broader society we are going to have serious problems beyond our everyday business challenges. It is not going to be easy but thankfully your Association along with Golf RSA and our allied associations are acutely aware of the challenges and we hope we will be there to support you on this challenging path.


Education remains the bedrock of the Association and Janyne has done an incredible job of ensuring that we have so much educational opportunities to ensure that we are better able to fulfil our duties at our clubs. Unfortunately, attendance at these sessions is not always great so I would urge you all, most here today being the converted, to participate along with your management teams.

Highlights of the past year include :

  • CCM Review Course at Fancourt in April 2016
  • Annual AWARDS – identifying and acknowledging the hard work that is going on behind the scenes in our clubs.
  • BMI Leadership Principles at Houghton in May 2017
  • Short courses on Health and Safety, Social Media
  • GEO Environmental Workshops – supported by Syngenta and Toro
  • Revenue Workshops with Ian James, in conjunction with the PGA
  • F&B workshop combined with Jonas User Group

It is believed that certification of managers is an important part of developing professional club management and will undoubtedly raise the standards of management of clubs . CMASA remains committed to ongoing professional development for management and staff in the club sector.


The challenges of potential changes to legislation are still a threat to our industry. This past year CMASA was very involved in representing Club’s interests in proposed Liquor Law Legislation. Some of the biggest concerns raised by CMASA included :

BEE requirement

Liability issues

Awareness programs have also been run around POPI and we await promulgation of this act governing Protection of Personal Information. Clubs should be aware of what the legislation is saying and already be preparing ourselves.


Our current membership figure sits at 159 - this includes clubs and individual members. It is important to note that we engage with more than 500 decision makers at clubs who fall into specific categories of membership and are listed as per the positions they hold within their clubs, on our database.


We continue to get a lot of support and guidance from the Club Managers Association of America and sincerely appreciate their support in our efforts to grow CMASA. Our interaction with them and other Allied Associations is extremely valuable. In South Africa we continue to work with the PGA, GOLF RSA and struggle along with CATHSETA . We tried to intervene and bring unity to the Turf Grass Associations during the year but certain individuals have made this impossible.


We sincerely appreciate the support of our sponsors who assist us in financing the association. These sponsors are :PLATINUM – JONAS, GOLD – SAB MILLER, GOLD – NEDBANK


CMASA has worked with the PGA to increase awareness around Golf and the Environment. Unfortunately, we only have 37 clubs that are registered with GEO at this stage and hope that we can get up to 80 clubs within the next year at least registered and working on certification. Silver Lakes Golf Estate will be recognized as the first South African club to be GEO certified. The new portal makes it so easy to get started. I sincerely hope that clubs buy into this quickly or we will face big challenges as an industry. CMASA has launched our own Green Award this year , another step towards demonstrating how important this is to the sustainability of our clubs.


We continue to look for various opportunities to grow the revenue of your Association. Our association with The PGA Affiliate program has not managed to give us the revenues we were hoping for and at present has not justified the time and effort we have put in. One of the new committee’s first tasks will be reviewing this program.

CLUB RECRUITMENT has started to grow nicely and we have had great feedback on the quality of candidates they are able to get for us. We are pleased that while being able to provide a great service to members, CMASA will also benefit from this. We urge all member clubs to consider Club Recruitment for your placements.


For many years CMASA has wanted to create an education fund to assist deserving young managers in getting an opportunity to further education and development. In the tough economy many clubs are struggling with it could perhaps be considered not the best time to try now launch the Club Foundation. The reality is that clubs in South Africa need this fund more now than ever before.

For clubs to be able to survive tough times we need dedicated and educated managers. We also desperately need managers of colour to be given opportunities to develop themselves. Having no managers of colour at the top levels of our clubs is a serious cause of concern for the sustainability of our clubs.

The Club Foundation will hope to address many of these challenges through creating a sustainable fund that allows CMASA to offer ongoing educational opportunities to young managers. CMASA will set up a board of trustees to ensure the successful and efficient management of the fund. CMASA will also make the founding contribution of R300 000 to start the fund.

We would like to formally launch Club Foundation at our Annual Conference in August 2017 and are hoping to have R1 million pledged by then. All pledges will be

The focus of theses pledges will be :

  • Corporate Sponsors who will benefit from the ongoing success of clubs
  • Our premier clubs that have capacity to assist the smaller clubs
  • Contributions from successful leaders in the industry who would like to pay back towards clubs
  • Generosity of members of our clubs who support the vision


Our Inaugural Interclub Golf Challenge was a great success despite only 20 teams competing this year. We are excited that this event will grow to become a fantastic marketing and networking opportunity for CMASA. Please arrange your club qualifiers to take place as the 2018 event will be staged at the beautiful Fancourt from 18th to 21st October. Our sincerest appreciation goes to SAB and Stellas Artois for this sponsorship. CLICK HERE


Myself, Pascale Van Maris (Durban CC), Francois Swart (Randpark), Paul Oosthuizen (Inanda) and Janyne Marais represented South Africa at the 90th World Conference in Orlando, USA. As usual it was an incredible educational and networking opportunity and all the representatives used every opportunity possible to share some of the ideas. Whilst it is a big and exciting world over there it is very clear that we all have very similar challenges and it is great to be sharing these challenges with other managers and taking away some ideas that could help our clubs. If you are at all lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the World Conference I would certainly encourage you to.

The 91st CMAA World Conference will be held in San Francisco in Feb 2018. Details will be released as soon as we have them.


Our General Manager Janyne Marais has done an incredible job in growing CMASA. We owe her a great deal of gratitude for all the hard work and dedication that she puts in to advance Club Management in South Africa.

Roni-Lee Burnard joined us a few months ago and has been a wonderful addition to the office.

Thank you to both of you for your commitment and dedication to our Association.

I thank my fellow committee members for their contributions to the Association and all the members of the Association for the support over the past year as your Chairman. I am always happy to offer my service and will hang around on committee as long as my input is required. I am hugely passionate about this Industry that I have been involved in for 25 years and am confident that your new Chairman and committee will continue the upward trajectory of our Association, ably led by our General Manager Janyne.

I would also like to thank Sue Wood, Financial Manager at CCJ, for her assistance with keeping our financial records on a monthly basis.
Our biggest challenge I would think, and we have many, is apathy from clubs… I urge you to continue supporting the Association so that we are able to continue with our work in the industry.


Another huge support for Clubs have been the surveys undertaken by CMASA. These surveys are designed to provide Clubs with comparative data to assist them with strategic planning, budgeting and bench marking.

This year CMASA surveys included: A Salary Review of the main positions and roles within clubs, Beverage Pricing Comparison, Membership Subscription Fees, Analysis of Golf Rounds done per Club and many hoc poll surveys, all of which provided powerful insights to members.

OUR VALUED PARTNERS - Establishing collaborations:

CMASA has over the past two years accelerated its relationship with a number of partners. These collaborations have come in various forms which has been targeted for the ultimate benefit of Clubs.

Jonas, SAB, and Nedbank have been stalwarts of our partner programme and we are thrilled to welcome new platinum partners - Alizee Resort Management, Gold Partners in Louis57 Wines and Utility Consult are two new partners who have come on board since October 2017 - CLICK HERE.

TORO and Syngenta partnered with CMASA to support the GEO sustainability initiative and sponsored the GREEN Award at our Annual Awards whereby we recognised the excellent work done by the employees at our member clubs.

CMASA Annual Awards

CMASA Annual Awards: Pictures from top left to right: Club Manager of the Year, Sandra Lennox (George Golf Club); Employee of the Year – Megan Spencer (Ruimsig CC) with Charlotte Meyer from Tsogo Sun; Paul Leishman winning the GREEN Award for Bryanston CC with Lionel Coetzee (TORO) and Sue de Zwart (Syngenta); Young Manager of the Year – Alfie Schneeberger (Durbanville Golf Club) with Gary Geddes; Andrew McKenna from Silver Lakes receiving the GEO certification for Silver Lakes from Jonathan Smith, CEO for Golf Environment Organisation

John Bold winning the CPD Award for Durbanville Golf Club


CMASA proudly hosted our annual conference at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club on the 28th and 29th August 2017.

Today's club manager is expected to manage a complex and sometimes large property of several hectares; maintain multiple buildings and facilities; provide sports and leisure services for members and visitors; manage a team of employees and contractors; promote the business to the local, regional, national and in many cases international communities and of course manage the club's finances efficiently and prudently.

For full report CLICK HERE

Save the dates for 2018 - important education and events to diarise

FEB 2018

7 KZN Managers Meeting - San Lameer
8 Gauteng Managers meeting
13 Western Cape Managers Meeting
20 Southern Cape Managers Meeting
MARCH 2018

2 to 6

CMAA World Annual Conference - San Francisco


Human Relations Workshop

APRIL 2018


GEO Workshop - Gauteng


GEO Workshop - Kwa-Zulu Natal


GEO Workshop - Western Cape

MAY 2018

14 to 18

BMI – GM/COO concept - JHB


Strategic Management Workshop - Gauteng


Strategic Management Workshop - Kwa-Zulu Natal


Strategic Management Workshop - Western Cape & Southern Cape

JUNE 2018

4 to 7

Talking Turf Conference at Zimbali Country Club


Jonas User Group - Gauteng


Jonas User Group - Kwa-Zulu Natal


Jonas User Group - Western Cape

26 to 29 CMASA Annual Conference - Pearl Valley
10 - 14 BMI Food 7 Beverage – Cape Town
CMASA membership subscription invoices for 2018/2019 have been sent out this week. We would appreciate early payment of the subscriptions in order to manage the associations operations and meet our strategic objectives. Your support in this regard will be appreciated.