BMI - GM/COO Concept
Centurion Country Club

12 Managers from various clubs in South Africa participated in the powerful BMI GM/COO Concept programme hosted at Centurion Country Club from 13th May 2019 to 17th May 2019. BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer introduces and expounds upon the GM/COO Concept. The aim of this course was for the delegates to learn how to operate a club as a business and be perceived as its leader. Understanding the responsibilities and characteristics of a true GM/COO in order to review the competency areas required to achieve the success they desire.

The programme was delivered by CMASA as part of the global CCM certification programme and we had the great privilege of receiving facilitation from Jason Koenigsfeld, Senior Vice President of Professional Development for CMAA, along with six other facilitators who have great experience and knowledge within the industry.

  • Paul Leishman, General Manager of Bryanston Country Club and qualified CCM.
    He presented Working with Club Boards & Committees and Assessing, Planning & Executing Facilities Project
  • Francois Swart, CEO of Randpark and qualified CCM & CHE
    He presented Financial Insights – Explaining the Club Business to your Board
  • Sue de Zwart, Director of Talking Turf
    She presented Turf Grass Science for the General Manager
  • Andrew Pons, Managing Director of Pons Process Consulting
    He presented Law & Club Operations
  • Christopher Bentley, CEO of Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club
    He presented Golf Operations
  • Charlotte de Jong, Financial Manager at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club
    She presented, Operating Budgets, Cash Budgets and Capital Budgeting.

Jason facilitated the Lumina Profiling Workshop, which formed part of the BMI. The Lumina Profiling Workshop was open to delegates not taking part in the BMI and we had 6 additional managers from the Gauteng region take part in the Workshop on the mornings of the 13th and 14th May.

“All of Jason’s presentations were awesome” – Tommy Berdanis, F&B Manager at Bryanston Country Club

The Lumina profiling workshop provided a highly interactive and fun experience in which the learners explored who they are, using an individualised profiling tool called a Lumina Spark Portrait. It provided a colourful framework for better self-understanding and helped them identify how to improve their working relationships with others. By applying the Lumina Spark model, they can now unlock many business benefits.

“The Lumina Profiling Workshop was extremely insightful and it will allow me to grow and develop” – Paul Stoner, Golf Director at Clovelly Country Club.

The BMI-GM/COO Concept consisted of the below sessions;

Leadership – Building & Leading your Club Team, facilitated by Jason Koenigsfeld
The terms “management” and “leadership” are often used interchangeably. This is particularly true in club management, because general managers in clubs must possess both management and leadership qualities. This session aimed to provide managers with key career development to ensure that they can manage their teams and work effectively with their boards.

Turf Grass Science for GM’s, facilitated by Sue de Zwart
This session covered effective management of golf course, understanding turf grass and factors that influence turf grass quality.

Golf Operations, facilitated by Christopher Bentley
Sports and recreation are driving forces for the existence and success of private clubs. Any manager in the industry needs to understand the basics of golf operations—even those who are currently at clubs without a golf course.

Law & Club Operations, facilitated by Andrew Pons
Corporate governance is intended to increase the accountability of your organisation and to avoid massive disasters before they occur. Knowledge of the relevant regulations is crucial for risk reduction and ensures compliant business.

Operating, Cash and Capital Budgeting, facilitated by Charlotte de Jong
A club general manager’s focus each day is working with the club’s staff, especially the management team, to provide services to meet the needs of club members. In other words, a general manager’s job is intensely “people-oriented.” The focus of this chapter is the financial knowledge a general manager needs in order to effectively interact with the club’s board, controller, and department heads.

Working with Club Boards & Committees, facilitated by Paul Leishman
Private clubs are governed by a board of directors that club members elect from among their numbers. One of the key factors in a club’s success is the effective functioning between the management of the club and its boards and committees.

Communication & Negotiation – The Essentials for Club Managers, facilitated by Jason Koenigsfeld
Club managers must communicate effectively as they interact with several stakeholders. They must have excellent speaking, listening, and writing skills, because almost all aspects of their work involve communication. The more effectively they communicate, the better they can perform their jobs.

“Excellent, loved the interaction and role play, was really fun” – Andrea Kruck, F&B Manager at Kloof Country Club.

We are now planning our second cycle of BMI programmes, and we encourage our member clubs to budget accordingly and prioritise this powerful training to enable staff to deliver on a higher level.