BMI Leadership Principles

CMASA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the select group of 10 club industry executives and senior managers on the outstanding results they achieved in the completion of the BMI - Leadership Principles programme, held at Houghton GC from 8th to 12th May 2017.

During these tough economic and political times, it is vital that we as professionals in the club industry continue to improve our skills. We know the group took away many new skills as well as updated those left behind in the ever-constant buzz of club management, and have returned to their clubs with renewed energy and passion to improve day-to-day operations.

Back (from left to right): Lenn Flanagan; Alfie Schneeberger; Bevan Du Plessis; Vian Schoeman
Middle (from left to right): Janyne Marais (GM of CMASA); Brendan Hart; Gary De Bracey; Lynda Lavery; Ian Jones (Facilitator)
Front (from left to right): Raurie Fraser; Paulene Stark; Rougien Wise

This was the start of the new cycle towards CCM certification and was an invaluable opportunity for the group to network, learn and share their educational experiences.
The BMI-Leadership Principles covered the following specific club management content;
1. Accounting
2. The Nature of Leadership
3. Executive Presence
4. Code of Ethics
5. Club Trends: Creativity and Innovation
6. Technology
7. Strategic Leadership
8. Governance
9. 20 Rules of Power Politics in Clubs
10. Case Studies and Assessments

These programmes have proved popular and obviously show a real value to the individuals who attend. The proof of this is in the returning delegates and number of qualified CCM’s that we now have (17 in total)
We are extremely appreciative of CMAA’s support and generosity in sharing their many years of knowledge and experience in the education they globally provide to the club industry.
It was an honour to have partnered with International Hotel School for the delivery of our new BMI cycle and to have had access to their years of academic and practical experience in hospitality and club management.

Education, by itself, is important and an essential tool for an individual's personal and professional development, but to be able to prove that the manager has understood the subject matter and retained what has been taught, CMASA provides a credible certification programme which is recognised throughout the club industry. The BMI courses take on the form of four compulsory classroom-based courses, each of which will be of 5 days’ duration (Monday to Friday).

Congratulations to the 10 delegates that attended the first cycle towards CCM Certification

We look forward to seeing them and new delegates at the next BMI - Club Management programme in October in Natal.
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