Getting to know your Certified Club Manager


What inspired you to achieve your CCM Certification?
It was rather who inspired me to achieve the CCM Certification than what. When I started as GM at Kloof Country Club I had the opportunity to attend my first BMI where I met Paul Leishman, and from that day on I realised the standards and professionalism one would need, to be an effective GM, and this could only be achieved through hard work, continuous professional development and acquiring the CCM certification, so thank you Paul and CMASA.

Mentorship input for the current MID programme, what value have you received from this for yourself and your mentees?
As a mentor you realise that you are never too old to learn and your teacher might be half your age. The MID Programme is a solid foundation to achieving your CCM Certification

How has the CCM Certification benefited you as an individual and as a leader in your Club?
As an individual I have gained so much confidence. As a leader, it certainly has leveled the playing field, especially with reference to working with committees and engaging with members. In terms of the staff and peers respect is earned, however the CCM certification goes a long way to cementing that respect.

What’s the best advice you can give to help plan a career rather than simply work to keep a job?
Working to just keep a job in our industry is not an easy task. To survive, you need passion, or find it quickly. Planning a career and making sure you set goals and celebrate achievements provides the energy required to push forward, to be innovative and to keep adapting to your Members and other Stakeholders as they evolve.

Is there anything you wish to share (quote, motivational information) to inspire ‘future CCM’s’?
If you are just starting out in the club industry or you find yourself a few years down the line feeling a little overwhelmed please consider looking at doing the CCM, you will never look back. Besides the immense knowledge and confidence you gain, there are so many incredible people in our industry you can call upon for advice, and of course you just need to give Janyne or Roni-lee a call, how fortunate we are to have such incredible support.