Why Education is important.

Today’s club manager may be expected to manage a complex and sometimes large property of several hectares; maintain multiple buildings and facilities; provide sports and leisure services for members and visitors; manage a team of employees and contractors; promote the business to the local, regional, national and in many cases, international communities and of course manage the club’s finances efficiently and prudently.

Whether club managers come from a business background or are developing their careers within the industry, the right education can provide each individual with the learning resources they need to do this job, often plugging gaps in their knowledge, so they can better understand the broad range of issues that affect the day-to-day management of a club in the ever-changing global environment.

CMASA puts on weekly webinars to assist Managers, HOD’s and all club staff to tick these boxes and fill the skill gaps in the industry.

Please see below all upcoming webinars.

April Webinars

Below are the upcoming workshops & webinars for April 2023, dates to be announced.

*Please note, the below is subject to change
MID Cycle Two - Welcome SessionThis session is aimed at all MID Students starting a new semester and/or module of their MID Specialisation Area, where the module content and semester planning will be unpacked.Book/Enquire Now
Clubmaster - Proshop TrainingThis training session will be split into three 1-hour sessions focusing on Tee Times, Point of Sales and Back of House elements of the Clubmaster programme relevant to the Proshop.Book/Enquire Now
Organisational CultureCulture is an abstraction - an intangible thing. By
understanding how to see your environments through
cultural lenses, you will begin to make sense of this
mysterious and frustrating world
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Customer Service for Super Stars (Golf RSA)What do clients / customers want?
How to aim for WOW experiences
Refining all the moments of truth
The power of apology
Standardisation and consistency
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The Power of DisagreementThere is no real movement without friction. Learning
how we can use disagreements to create an
environment more geared to action
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May Webinars

Below are the upcoming workshops & webinars for May 2023, dates to be announced.

*Please note, the below is subject to change
MID Cycle Two - Welcome SessionWebinar for MID Students hosted by the responsible
CCM Mentor's on the modules that are scheduled for
the current MID Cycle
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Clubmaster - Membership TrainingThis training session will be split in two 30 minute
sessions focusing on the Membership Types and
Green Fee elements of the Clubmaster programme
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The Effective CommunicatorTips for verbal communication
Body language tips
Telephonic skills
Email and written communication
Assertive, aggressive and passive behavior
How to deal with conflict
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The Modern Member (Golf RSA)As the consumer landscape evolves, so do our
members. This webinar seeks to uncover how the
modern (and future) members of our clubs define
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Turf Grass Management for ManagersIn this two part webinar, Johan v Vuuren, one of SA's
leading agronomists will bridge the divide between club
operations and the course by providing insight into
various topics including Turfgrass, soil and growth
media, cultural practices, irrigation, fertilization,
aeration, pest control, wetting agents etc.
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