Energy Management SA

In most cases, a corporation’s energy costs are among the top three highest costs for an organisation.

Energy Management SA specialises in the analysis of utility billing, which enables us to identify and implement saving opportunities in electricity, water, sewer, refuse and property rates bills.

Ultimately, we remove the risk and become the energy partner of many Top listed JSE companies in South Africa. By leveraging our 34 years of industry experience, we have reduced clients’ utility expenditure by approximately 10%.

Our clients rely on us to analyse the impact of utility management, in order to implement changes and increase their bottom line. We offer a contingency-based service, which means that you don’t pay unless we save you money.

Our combined years of experience along with our national footprint have enabled us to develop the required knowledge, expertise and systems to identify all possible saving opportunities throughout every industry.


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Contact details:

Catherine Putter
076 189 2061

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