When cleaning your golf clubs you wouldn’t want to soak you wood clubs in water, nor would you want to spend hours trying to wipe the grime off of the irons. Clean your assets the right way and get the right solution for you and the environment.
Drillclean provides a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly cleaning products for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Flagship product called GREASEOFF is an eco-friendly and Food quality product that are used for cleaning & sanitation of
1. Floors
2. Walls
3. Fat Traps / Grease Traps
4. Odour Remover
5. Disinfectant

GreaseOff break down fat so you will not have a problem with blocked drains from fat or grease from your kitchen.
We pride ourselves in promoting cleaning agents that protect the environment from contamination, remediates contaminated soil and elevates waste disposal. Whether it be those hard to clean grimy spots in the kitchen, Fat Traps/Grease Traps, oily patches outside, or even blocked drainage, we have the environmentally friendly solution for you.

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