Company: Mount Edgecombe Country Club

Position: Stock Controller

The Purpose

As a Stock Controller, you will be responsible for managing the stock levels of the Country Club, ensuring that stock levels meet the business and operational needs. In addition to inventory management, the stock controller will oversee order management, inventory optimization, stockroom organisation, inventory/ stock reporting, supplier management, inventory/stock losses and wastage, inventory accuracy as well as monitoring stock requests and internal transfers from and between departments. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with supply chain procedures and have good communication skills to interact with suppliers, clients and internal teams. Ultimately, you will increase profitability and effectiveness by maintaining optimal stock levels of quality products at all times.


The below roles and responsibilities will be required but will not be limited to:


·       Daily responsibility for controlling Food and Beverage in all outlets
·       Regularly maintaining of correct and accurate description on Clubmaster for new items and Suppliers information
·       Assisting the buyer with compiling and maintaining a supplier’s price list for tenders and contracts. This file must be available for viewing.
·       Daily ensuring that all invoices including petty cash purchases received must be signed as proof of delivery
·       Invoices to be captured daily in the absence of the Buyer
·       Updating of food and beverage prices on Clubmaster (Review process as done automatically on Clubmaster)

·       Implement a stock rotation register to confirm when stock has been rotated. This will be submitted to your Head of Dept. by the 1st and 2nd of the next month

·       Daily monitoring and ensure that stock is rotated regularly as per the expiry date

·       Regularly advise the Food & Beverage Dept. of price increase so to ensure that menu pricing will be adjusted
·       Regularly advise the Food & Beverage Dept. of slow-moving items and suggest proposals e.g. Bin ends; reduced bottle price
·       Adhering to all cost control procedures to ensure compliance with documentations and processes
·       Month End reporting must be submitted on the 3rd day after stock take no later than 13:00pm
·       Ensuring accuracy in recording and reporting to Finance
·       All completed stock sheets signed by HOD, the counter, writer and spot checker

·       Capturing of relevant Food and Beverage physical stock sheets onto Clubmaster

·       Ensuring that items in the bulk stores are set as per stock sheets

·       All daily wastage must be signed, filed and handed to your HOD’s

·       Fulfil duties of the buyer/ data capture when they are absent from work/ on leave
·       Bar Shortages to be communicated to the relevant barmen and submit AOD’s to Accounts no later than the 5th working day of every month
·       As a stock controller, you are responsible to introduce par stock levels.

·       Compiling and maintaining a Bread Tracker document for Main Kitchen

·       Submission of a Monthly Cost Report to your HOD

·       Managing Padel Court inventory which includes capturing invoices for Padel and creating new items as per HOD.


      Qualifications/ Experience required:

·       High school diploma or equivalent.

·       Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook is required.

·       Knowledge of the Inventory module on the Clubmaster system is advantageous

·       Practical knowledge of inventory systems will be advantageous

·       Strong analytical abilities

·       Possess a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach to ensure efficient inventory management

·       Proactive problem-solving skills and effective communication

·       The qualifying individual is expected to be proactive in identifying and resolving discrepancies in stock variances and be able to take direction to complete tasks without the need for managerial follow-up.

·       The successful candidate will be required to write a numeracy and competency test

·       Hours of work – 7:00am to 16:00pm, unless advised by the HOD


       SALARY – To be discussed (depends on candidate’s abilities and qualifications)





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July 17, 2024 12:00 pm

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