The Manager in Development Programme (MID) online programme was first introduced in 2000 as a mentor/mentee programme to educate entry and mid-level managers through exposure to diverse departments within a club operation.

The MID programme is offered online in 12 modules that present information about specific topics in accordance with CMAA’s 10 competency areas and candidates study part time as ‘mentees’ under the professional guidance of a qualified CCM mentor, who signs off their modules, portfolios and projects. Portfolio work is submitted on a regular basis and requires candidates to answer case study work related to various departments within the club. This course carries 60 CPD credits.

For more information, please contact Charl Smith, Education Manager on 011 482 7542 or email


There are 12 MID modules, and they are divided into the following specialization areas:

MID Certificate of Specialisation:
Club Management Essentials

Club Governance and Organisation

Financial Management

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Careers in Club Management

MID Certificate of Specialisation:
Club Operations

Food Operations

Beverage Operations

Facilities Management Practices

Club Training Principles and Practices

MID Certificate of Specialisation:
Club Leadership

Club Leadership Principles

Golf, Sports and Recreation Management

Human Resources Management

Marketing Principles and Membership Development