Ubuntu Resource Management – Bronze Partner

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With over 30 years’ experience in workforce management, Ubuntu is able to seamlessly integrate with your management to provide a complete solution that is tailor made to suit the club environment’s needs. We are affiliated with both a Labour Law consulting firm and a General Law Attorney firm and will take care of tasks such as:

• Assessing and ensuring the club’s compliance with all statutory requirements
• Implementation of required policies and procedures
• Administer all Employment Contracts
• Run all day to day Discipline including the running of Disciplinary Enquiries.
• Dealing with Union Interactions
• Recruitment of all categories of staff
• Recruitment and downsizing of staff where required
• Dealing with all CCMA matters including Conciliations, Arbitrations and Conarbs.
• Training – We offer a ½ day comprehensive shop discipline course to the staff about transgressions that leads to disciplinary action, procedural fairness, fair vs unfair dismissal and more. A refresher course is offered every 6 months.
• Skills planning and facilitation
• Running the payroll for all Outsourced Staff including payment to Statutory Councils PAYE, UIF, SDL, WCA and 3rd party payments

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